Pastoral Care Ministry


Oasis Fellowship desires to see people walk in health and wholeness. We offer several resources as part of this ministry.

Pastor Chris studied Pastoral counseling while at Columbia International University and offers counseling to individuals, couples, and teenagers. Below are more details about what Pastor Chris does in these sessions:


What do I do:   Sometimes we can face obstacles in life whether through consequences stemming from our own choices, or difficulties done to us from other people.  I come alongside people who are experiencing pain and difficulty in overcoming these obstacles who have a desire to grow.  I help people heal, endure, and find a closer relationship with God as we walk through and address what is painful.  I use the Bible as my final authority, guidance from the Holy Spirit, along with my studies in counseling in order to help people understand themselves and where they might want to grow.  This is done in a confidential and safe atmosphere where I trust that you will discover how God’s design can lead to a more vibrant, fulfilling life.  I counsel under clear ethical, legal, and biblical standards.


What I do not do is psychologically diagnose, use insurance, medicate or counsel outside of my expertise.  If we discover that I am not the best person to see you I will arrange a referral to someone inside or outside of the church who is qualified and experienced to help you with your particular need.


What happens in a session?  You set the agenda by telling me what you would like to work on and I will work with you to establish a plan for growth and healing.  That plan may include helping you to gently discover ways of healing yourself, suggesting Biblical or counseling principles for a better understanding of yourself and others, teaching you skills and addressing behaviors that will help you heal and grow.


How long does counseling take?  For some it can be quite brief while for others with years or decades of pain, lies, and abuse it can take longer.  You determine when you are done and what you need.  We will work together to meet your goals.

To set up an appointment please call 717-859-5415.